An offer from Ghana!

<mrmills4> hello sir
<Carlos-> hello
<mrmills4> am mr.mills ofori
<mrmills4> a nationality of ghana
<Carlos-> ok
<mrmills4> so what's ur name and where r u from
<Carlos-> my name doesn't matter, im danish.
<mrmills4> i need 2 know u 4 now sir
<Carlos-> no you don't.
<mrmills4> where r u sir
<Carlos-> denmark.
<mrmills4> age sir
<Carlos-> 39
<mrmills4> what's is the nature of ur business sir
<Carlos-> im a stock broker, and have a pro boxing career on the side..mostly for fun so far.
<mrmills4> i told u i work in a bank as the director of the bank
<Carlos-> i see.
<mrmills4> and i will need ur hand in help to ths if only u would be of help
<Carlos-> in what way would that be.
<mrmills4> i really need some one to trust in this issue
<Carlos-> i see.
<mrmills4> I am a Ghanaian married with two kids. I am
<mrmills4> writing to solicit your assistance in the transfer of
<mrmills4> US$ 2,550.000.00.
<Carlos-> ok
<Carlos-> so?
<mrmills4> This fund is the excess of what my branch in which I
<mrmills4> am the manger made as profit during the last year. I
<mrmills4> have already submitted an approved End of the Year
<mrmills4> report for the year 2003 to my Head Office here in
<mrmills4> Accra and they will never know of this Excess.
<mrmills4> I have since then, placed this amount of US$
<mrmills4> 2,550.000.00 on a SUSPENCE ACCOUNT without a
<mrmills4> beneficiary. As an officer of the bank, I cannot be
<mrmills4> directly connected to this money thus I am impelled to
<mrmills4> request for your assistance to receive this money into
<mrmills4> your bank account.
<Carlos-> and?
<mrmills4> I intend to part 30% of this fund to you while 70%
shall be for me. I do need to stress that there are
practically norisk involved in this. It's going to be
a bank-to-bank transfer.
<Carlos-> why would someone finsih the 2003 report 3 years later in 2006?
<mrmills4> this report has been concluded at the end of 2003 but the funds was kept in a suspence account
<mrmills4> All I need from you is to stand as the original
<mrmills4> depositor of this fund. If you accept this offer, I
<mrmills4> will appreciate your timely response.
<Carlos-> well usually im not interested in small amounts like that
<mrmills4> am not talking about the amount involve in this transaction but i want you to stand as the initial depositor to this funds
<Carlos-> 30% of 2.5 million thats what you said, and quite frankly i make that selling stocks in 2-3 months
<Carlos-> it's only 750.000
<Carlos-> but i need 5000$ in cash send to my P.O box as a token of your seriousness - and i will require 65% for my services, 30% is worthless to me and not worth my time
<Carlos-> i think your client will find that offer reasonable.
<mrmills4> so are you will to help
<Carlos-> if you meet my demands
<mrmills4> so what are your demands
<Carlos-> i need 5000$ in cash send to my P.O box as a token of your seriousness - and i will require 65% for my services, 30% is worthless to me and not worth my time
<mrmills4> you are a thief if i may say so
<Carlos-> you may, but it wont make negotiating with me any easier
<mrmills4> i won't make negotiating with a greedy person like you
<Carlos-> well, your client obviously doesn't need the money, i would expect a 50-50 split + a 1000$ initial fee as most reasonable
<Carlos-> You can contact me on the following address
<Carlos-> Christoffer Nussbaumer
<Carlos-> Glofakstrasse 69
<Carlos-> 147-543 Bøssedværg
<Carlos-> Denmark
<mrmills4> go to hell
<mrmills4> i really don't need your help any more ok
<Carlos-> oh and btw, those scams got old 5 years ago - Maybe it's time you got a real job?
<Carlos-> i mean everybody knows them by now, so your really wasting your time - Might aswell do something productive wouldn't you agree?
<mrmills4> that you are thinking i am am not ok
<Carlos-> heh you catch on rather quickly.
<mrmills4> Sir, i am very sincere
<Carlos-> well send me 500$ then
<mrmills4> I am not in a position to do that
<Carlos-> how about 30?
<mrmills4> 30 i can do, they wil be shipped tomorrow morning - And you will call us when they are received?
<Carlos-> i'd take 70% of the 2,5 million if i only get 30 though
<mrmills4> I don't need your help anymore.
<Carlos-> pleasure doing business with you!