Introducing the what the fuck page v1.0!

The following is a list of odd boxing related names, events etc.Some are real names, others are aliases and other again are just nicknames.
What they all have in common is the "what the fuck value! "Read on and you'll see for yourself - Evrything can be verified on the excellent,
and highly recommendable site Some of these names are so odd, that we couldn't resist adding a few comments of our own,
but don't let that distract you! The categories are as follows:

WTF-Names - Names that makes you go "What The Fuck".
WTF-Nick Names - Makes you wonder why the hell they chose that name.
Drag Queens? - Yes, all of those are male!
Misc-WTF - Other stuff, weird stories and whatever we might come across.

If you know of anything that would fit here, please tell us at Undernet #boxing,
or write us on this address:

Pages will be updated, but don't ask when!